A Lesson in Friendship

Grandpa loves coffee.
Make it black –
a dark roast blend
of piping hot caffeine;
or add coffee beans
to vanilla ice cream
for dessert.

“Grandpa,” I tell him,
“coffee tastes like bitter dirt.”

Grandpa chuckles.
What will you drink
when you’re invited for coffee?
What will your friends think
when you tell them
you don’t like it?”

“I’ll just have water, Grandpa.
Maybe tea or hot cocoa.”

He muses, “I don’t know.
Grown-ups drink coffee.
You should learn
to enjoy the taste.”

“Grandpa, whenever I drink it,
I make a funny face.
That’ll give me away.”

Grandpa laughs again.
“No problem, Justine;
just add sugar or cream!
Here – stir it right in.”

I do. It doesn’t help.
Grandpa shakes his head,
but his blue eyes twinkle.
Then he hands me
a spoonful of sugar and says,
“Try one more sprinkle.”

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