Concerto of the Saints

The world hears Your voice

as a cacophony of anger

and irrational white noise.

They mock and despise

the canon of Your commands:

to love God,

love neighbor,

love enemy

is too great a demand.

They say Your measures

are incomprehensible;

they say the notes on the page

are impossible to play.

And so they are!

I confess

I can’t even attempt

an accompaniment;

but the Director,

the Master of musical architecture,

is He who breathes melody into being

and laughs life into dry bones.

God, Your every sentence is chord,

Your every prophecy a song,

and under Your teaching, Lord,

a cluster of clamoring sinners

becomes a choir of harmonized saints!

Divinely inspired, we sing Your praise,

oh God! And we learn

to memorize the polyphonic words

that You utter in wisdom and in truth.

Hallelujah, Jesus!

Your song is sweeter

and higher and holier

than anything we

with limited creativity

could compose.

You are a God who sees,

and a God who knows.

You are a God who hears,

and you cultivate within us

a musical ear

capable of perceiving and ascending

the crescendo of eternal life.

Better is just one day

in the orchestra of the divine

than a thousand elsewhere!

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