Current Mood.

I’m cranky today.

I ate my breakfast,

but this mood won’t go away.

I’m just cranky today.

Maybe it’s because I didn’t sleep.

Maybe it’s because I grind my teeth

after I curl up between the sheets,

or because academic critiques

are getting so . . . repetitive.

Maybe I just lack perspective!

Maybe I don’t need to know

every “why” and “how” and “so.”

Maybe I should get some caffeine

to counteract the fact

that I’m running out of steam.

I think it just might wake me

from this particularly cranky

Monday morning madness.

Coffee might not be the oil of gladness,

but if it’s sufficient

to make me proficient

at these mundane Monday tasks,

then my crankiness will be evicted,

my spirits will be lifted,

and I’ll no longer write just to say,

“I hate to be a downer,

but I’m cranky today.”

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