Isaiah 30:1-3

“Ah, stubborn children,”

“Oh, sons and daughters, firmly determined to remain steadfast in your disobedience, despite knowing the strength and loving kindness of my faithfulness and character . . .”

declares the Lord,

said God Most High, to make thoroughly clear His love for the people,

“who carry out a plan, but not mine,

“you choose not to acknowledge my plan –

for I have one!

and who make an alliance,

but not of my Spirit,

that they may add sin to sin;

“You make unions with those not joined to me – you partner with those who will encourage you to pursue false gods and become swollen with pride.

who set out to go down to Egypt,

without asking for my direction,

“You do not acknowledge my voice, even though I speak to you and am eager to make myself known.

to take refuge in the protection of Pharaoh

and to seek shelter in the shadow of Egypt!

You exchange the eternal strength that comes from being so close to me that you are in my shadow, for the fleeting strength that comes from the corruption of this world!

Therefore shall the protection of Pharaoh turn to your shame,

and the shelter in the shadow of Egypt to your humiliation.”

“Because you have done these things, you will taste a disappointment I did not intend for you to taste. Because you have sought another besides me, you will experience an embarrassment, an indignity, a discomfort, and a shame, I did not desire you to experience.”

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