Single and . . .

I saw a really sweet Facebook post today about the things that someone has learned and experienced since getting married. It was so wonderful and cute. It reminded me of the longing for marriage in my heart – but even better, it prompted me to make a similar list of my own. (Writing prompts are everywhere!!) Here goes:

Since being single . . .

I have learned to fixate with gratitude on what I do have as often as I fixate on what I don’t have.

I have learned that the education, accomplishments, travels, and possessions I want are not as valuable as my soul – even if they’re all combined into a picture perfect collage of attained must-haves.

I have learned to laugh at myself.

I’ve eaten meals I once would have denounced as “gross” without ever trying a bite. (Don’t knock octopus until you try it.)

I’ve learned that blonde doesn’t suit my complexion.

I’ve learned so much about trusting the Lord.

I read Harry Potter for the first time.

I’ve reread old favorites to the point of partial memorization.

I discovered research bias in studies on ADHD.

I’ve seen God breathe new life into dreams I thought were dead.

I learned just enough about cooking to have a chance at marriage.

I’ve danced with strangers in the park.

I’ve gained weight and learned a lot about the importance of taking up space. Women are meant to be boldly and unashamedly visible.

I’ve accidentally meowed at my cat in front of strangers (read: “learned to laugh at myself”).

I got a tattoo.

I’ve unveiled some of my selfishness and watched it die in the light of Christ’s love.

I’ve laughed so hard that I’ve snorted with tears rolling down my cheeks.

I’ve been mothering children who aren’t mine.

I committed so wholeheartedly to a joke that I fell to a cushionless floor in an “attempt” to pick up Thor’s hammer.

I’ve fallen in love – and out of it.

I’ve watered pillow cases and carpet to the point of documentable growth.

I let go of the need to have the toilet paper roll out in a particular direction.

I let go of the need to be in control of a lot of things.

I let go of too much money at Starbucks.

I’ve had such a delightful series of coffee dates and long drives and late nights with besties that I can’t regret a single calorie, tank of gas, or minute of lost sleep.

That – and more – is what I’ve been doing during this season of being “not married.”

Whatever your status, whatever your season – what are you up to?

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