Half the Kingdom

Your thoughts retail

for more than a penny per each.

I, niece of Mordecai,

can’t afford you,

yet I’ll wager

a cent

for your time.

Perhaps in an hour

I can jailbreak your mind

and divine why your happy

is defined by her.

Call me “Student.”

I can’t win your beauty pageant,

but I can study the language

of your complex heart

like an art

or a science.

I promise I’ll be fine with

the result of this endeavor.

I’m more confident than ever

that my abundant life

does not derive from the role of wife.

But if God called me to your courts

for such a time as this –

and uniquely equipped

us to serve Him together –


hanging your Hamans

and your hangups.

Evaluate the value of

untwining the secret concubines

from your life

in favor of a Queen.

And if, after all, happy is her –

if she’s the privileged recipient

of your attention –

I’ll redirect my affection.

You are free to deed

her half your kingdom;

indeed, adorn her

with the treasures of your mind,

and clothe her in your time.

But Xerxes –

the crown you once offered me

is still mine.

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